Salt Formula for setting up Hashicorp Vault
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Formulas for working with `Vault <>`_

Available states

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Install the vault binary


Install and configure the vault server

To use it, just include *vault.server* in your *top.sls*, and configure it using pillars:


version: 0.11.2
user: vault
group: vault
home_dir: /var/lib/vault
dev_mode: true

# Any content in the `config` section will be serialized directly
# into /etc/vault/server.json
log_level: INFO
default_lease_ttl: 24h
max_lease_ttl: 24h
pid_file: /var/run/
- tcp:
address: ""
tls_disable: true
path: /var/lib/vault/data

enabled: false


Vault `v0.10.0 <>`_ introduces a revamped versioned kv backend (version 2), with a breaking change in the paths used to read/write data. This backend is enabled by default when dev mode is enabled.

The Salt execution modules are not compatible with this new backend, therefore if you intend to access Vault in dev mode using the Salt modules, it's suggested to use an outdated, but compatible version of Vault by setting a pillar value e.g. ``version: 0.9.6``.


Testing is done with `Test Kitchen <>`_
for machine setup and `inspec <>`_
for integration tests.


* Ruby
* Docker


gem install bundler
bundle install
bundle exec kitchen test all