Saltstack Formula for Saltstack
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# frozen_string_literal: true
# -*- mode: ruby -*-
# vi: set ft=ruby :
# Vagrantfile API/syntax version. Don't touch unless you know what you're doing!
Vagrant.configure(VAGRANTFILE_API_VERSION) do |config| = 'bento/ubuntu-18.04'
config.vm.hostname = 'salt'
config.vm.synced_folder './', '/srv/salt', id: 'vagrant-root'
config.ssh.forward_agent = true
config.vm.provider :virtualbox do |vb|
# Use VBoxManage to customize the VM. For example to change memory:
vb.customize ['modifyvm', :id, '--memory', '1024']
config.cache.scope = :box if Vagrant.has_plugin?('vagrant-cachier')
# Set up salt-master and minion
config.vm.provision 'shell', path: 'dev/'