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Martin Griesbach 78048d88b2 Vagrant Updates: 2 years ago
Niels Abspoel cc3151436c fix(shellcheck): fix shellcheck error 2 years ago
David Boucha cca75d93d7 Use the latest stable salt from repo.saltstack.com 6 years ago
Julien Lavergne 09073ebed8 optimized setup bootstrap 7 years ago
Julien Lavergne e87132cf1c fixed missing add-apt-repository command when ubuntu is the server one 7 years ago
Julien Lavergne df05eb70d8 fixed wrong command name: add-apt-repository became apt-add-repository 7 years ago
Martin Griesbach 0c0b1745a8 Vagrant: increased wait to ensure the minion sent it's key to the master before Accepting all keys. 7 years ago
Martin Griesbach 862421e80f Added a Vagrant setup to instantly test the formula 7 years ago